Fierce Theatre Schools is recognised by CDMT (Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre).

Routine Class (12–13 years) 

A great environment to put all the technique from students’ dance classes into an informal routine learning lesson. A variety of routines are taught to improve technique and ability to pick up routines.

Dance Repertoire (13–14 years)

An invaluable tool for any musical theatre performer! This session enables students to learn about and experience genres of dance from all over the world. Technique will be naturally improved while making the student a more versatile performer.

Audition Preparation (14–15 years) 

During this session students will be introduced to audition scenarios. While still being fun, sessions will enable students to become confident with the process and requirements of auditioning.

Audition Technique (15+ years) 

This lesson really gives the students an incredible opportunity to experience the audition process in a safe environment. A culmination of all the technical classes along with routine pick-up will allow students to become confident and comfortable with auditions. Mock auditions will be used as a platform for these sessions.

The Business (12–13 years) 

During these sessions students will be introduced to musical theatre industry and what is required to become a performer in this incredible field. Singing and acting will be combined to start each student’s personal journey to becoming a rounded musical theatre performer.

Our Industry (13–14 years)

Using the work from students’ acting and singing lessons we begin combining disciplines by using text and song. Touching on different genres of musical theatre during these sessions will increase students’ ability to be adaptable.

Personal Development (14–15 years)

During this session students are moved into monologues and solo songs. The method and technique learned in the singing and acting lessons will be translated into this work. During these sessions students will start to naturally build a confidence and knowledge of their own voices and solo performing.

Professional Development (15+ years)

This session aims to lift the students to auditioning standard. With the skills developed from all disciplines we will work together to provide the student with a tailored and audition ready-monologue and song. Students will be put through mock auditions and different workshop scenarios. This safe environment allows mistakes to be made and rectified in a fun and supportive environment.

Fierce Theatre Schools is recognised by CDMT (Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre).

CDMT’s mission is to promote excellence in dance, drama and musical theatre education, training and assessment. They achieve this through being the quality assurance body of the sector. Many of CDMT’s member institutions are amongst the most prestigious in the UK. Current members include professional training schools, awarding organisations, industry bodies and individuals with a range of expertise in dance, musical theatre, education, assessment and training.