What it does: Lets you insert a set of posts as vertically sliding panels. Often used as links to other parts of the site.

Set up with: Custom Field left-vscroller, right-vscroller etc, or shortcode-vscroller.

Parameters: The values shown are examples only.

ids = 19,21,23,25  (REQUIRED)
ppv = 2  (optional, default=1)
heading = A vertical scroller  (optional)
img_size = 150  (optional, default=100)
style = basic  (optional)
speed = 8500  (optional, default=500)
interval = 0  (optional, default=5000)

Notes: Hovering over the widget pauses the scrolling action.

ids is simply a list of IDs of the posts to display.

ppv stands for “posts per view” and specifies the number of posts that are visible at each step.

heading inserts an h2 heading.

img_size resizes the existing square thumbnails for use in the posts.

speed is the time in milliseconds for the slide to change

interval is the pause in milliseconds between slide changes

Two modes: Omitting the speed and interval parameters results in a vertical slide show with a significant pause before a rapid slide change. Alternatively, setting speed = 8500, interval = 0 and ppv = 1 results in a slow ‘News ticker’ effect.