What it does: Lets you insert a set of posts or images as a slideshow. Often used on the home page, with each slide being a link to another part of the site.

Set up with: Custom Field left-0-slideshow, right-0-slideshow etc, or shortcode-slideshow.

Parameters: The values shown are examples only.

ids = 19,21,23,25 (REQUIRED)
width = 230 (REQUIRED)
height = 230 (REQUIRED)
style = basic (optional)
pic_size = thumbnail (optional) default = full
format = thumbnails (optional)

Notes: Hovering over the widget pauses the action.

Not more than one slideshow per page – and this is probably easier on the eye for the site visitor, anyway.

ids is simply a list of IDs of the items to display – either snippets or images (aka attachments). If the IDs are all images, the slideshow is essentially decorative, with no links.

If the IDs are all snippets, however, these can be used to link to different parts of the site. As well as the text which is displayed across the image, each of these snippets also requires a custom field slide_pic with parameters…

id = 25 (REQUIRED) – the ID of the image/attachment
link = /membership (optional) – the page to link to

The width and height parameters should match the size of all images used in the slideshow – taking into account the pic_size, if set.

The pic_size parameter applies to all images (attachments), whether specified in the initial list of IDs or via the slide_pic custom field. The usual available values are: thumbnail, small, medium, large and full – although this varies from site to site, and sizes greater than the original upload (full) will be unavailable.

format is only used if thumbnail slideshows have been enabled on your site. If this is the case, you can set one up by setting the value to thumbnails.